Main features

– Microcomputer control with LCD display and touch buttons
– Temperature, time and running status are displayed and error alarms will sound if there is a problem.
– Water filling, heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying are fully automatic.
– Special positive pressure pulse for exhaust completely eliminates cold air in chamber.
– Heat drying function can reduce humidity residue to less than 3%.
– Steam-water internal circulation system doesn’t need water connection. (They are needed only for models 5070/5090 which need to be connected to the water tap connection to supply the steam generator)
– Chamber heating system heats up quickly with uniform temperature during the pre-heating stage.
– Various programs such as instruments textiles and rubber can be chosen.
– Buzzer will alarm at the end of the cycle.
– Printer is optional and can print the date, time and complete cycle process

Safety devices

medi-large-table-tops-2– Overheating protection: there is an extra protection to stop any overheating.
– There is an extra protection to avoid any over pressure.
– Door interlock device: The program can only start after the door is closed completely with the electronic door lock. The door cannot be opened if there is pressure in chamber or the power is switched off.
– Short circuit safety device: For alternating current the major loop has a short circuit device. Direct current loop has over voltage protection

Technical parameters

Design pressure: 0.28Mpa

Maximum working pressure: 0.23Mpa

Vacuum degree: -80Kpa

Cycle time: 35—50 minutes

Chamber material: SUS304 stainless steel

Water requirement: Distilled water

Design temperature: 150°C

Sterilization temperature: 121/134°C

Maximum working temperature: 135°C

Technical parameters

Temperature uniformity: ≤±0.5°C


Model VolumeLiters Chamber Dimensionsmm Overall dimensions mm (WxHxL) Voltage power
MOON-TMQ.C 60 380×500 800x725x520 220V 3.6Kw
MOON-TMQ.C 80 380×700 950x725x520 380V 5.8Kw
MOON-TMQ.C 135 500×700 1000x710x1700 380V 7.3Kw
MOON-TMQ.C 185 500×950 1250x710x1700 380V 8.7Kw

Stainless steel cassette box


Various size stainless steel baskets



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