MODEL: GMQ.C 70J / 60J Series


  • Automatic control for process of heating, sterilization and cooling
  • 3 programs for instruments, glassware, general items are preset, temperature and time can be setaccording to your requirement.
  • LED dynamic display for status, temperature and time.
  • Buzzer alarms sound for program end.
  • Overheating protection device: system can cut off power if temperature passes over to setting value.
  • Automatic control for air intake open and close built- in hot air circulation system to ensure temperature uniformity in the chamber.


Technical parameters

– Voltage 220V
– Temperature control range 50 – 250°C
– Accuracy of temperature control ±1°C
– Timing: time can be set by operator according to requirement.

Model Code Volume Chamber Dimension mm Overall dimension mm Net weight kgs voltage power
MOON-GMQ.C 70J 70L 450x450x350 765x575x 750 70 220V 1.46Kw
MOON-GMQ.C 160J 160L 570x600x500 912X890X755 100 220V 2.06Kw
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