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No longer do traditional sterilization methods cut it for the elimination of pathogens. Plasma sterilization on the other hand can destroy stubborn bacteria and completely rid medical instruments of germs. Compared with traditional processes, plasma sterilization is faster and it is more energy saving. Proper sterilization of surgical instruments and equipment for patient care and […]

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Plasma Sterilizers While plasma was discovered in 1928 and is the 4th state’ of matter, the idea of plasma sterilization was proposed in the sixties as a good, low toxicity method for the use of medical care staff. Today a plasma sterilizer has potential as an antimicrobial sterilization procedure and is sought after not only […]

  MODEL: Ventilator ITernIS Series                           Three Different Models ADV Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation for adult, pediatric and neonate (including premature) patients Advanced respiratory care made affordable Critical and intermediate care Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal capabilities 12” high-definition color touch-screen Integrated volumetric capnography […]

Econa anesthesia machine

  MODEL: ECONA   ANESTHESIA SYSTEM The HEYER ECONA Anesthesia System offers a variety of innovative features, patient safety and user comfort elements. It’s compact, cute and space saving design concept makes ECONA even suitable for small ORs without any compromises in handling and operating. A Tidal Volume starting from 20 mL makes it fit […]