Model: Moon-Rapid A520


Moonmed rapid cycle multi-chamber washer-disinfector

This washer-disinfector is an internationally advanced product which is researched for the middle and large size hospitals. Its advantages is a high reliable quality washer for a high work load.It can be widely used for hospital reusable articles such as operating instruments, minimally invasive instruments, corrugated and anesthesia hoses, glassware, dental hand pieces, baby bottles and general medical instruments especially for hospital CSSD.

It has a modular design with a compact structure and provides multiple combinations to meet customer requirements.

The width of the washer-disinfector is only 1200mm which provides for a convenient installation.

Model: Moon-Rapid A-420

moon-rapid-a420Multi-combination of washers Disinfectors


Chamber 1: prewashing, washing, rinse and disinfection

Chamber 2: drying


Chamber1: prewashing and washing

Chamber2: rinse and disinfection

Chamber3: drying


Chamber1: prewashing and washing

Chamber2: ultrasonic washing

Chamber3: prewashing and disinfection

Chamber4: drying


Diversified carrying system

Unique hot-wind drying system to guarantee a better drying result

Flexible connection between washing rack and chamber (patented technology) to guarantee washing result

Easy-to-use 10.6 inches touch-screen control

More efficient

Advanced design concept which makes the running speed 30% faster than traditional products.

Better washing results

Well-designed spray arm with flexible rotary system and perfect connection between washing rack and chamber provide a better washing result than traditional competitor products.


To operate this washer-disinfector, simply touch the 10.6 inches touch-screen control and select a function.

Energy saving

New-designed pipeline system saves around 25% of water usage.

Reliable and sanitary inner-chamber delivery system

The chamber is equipped with stainless steel wheels which are contamination free. All transfer components are installed out of chamber to protect the instrument from secondary contamination.

Better compatibility

The washing racks can also work with Moon-Rapid-A-520 or Moon-Super 6000 washer-disinfector series.

Nice window design and good maintainability

The chamber has a door with a large-sized window. For maintenance purposes all the pipelines are fixed on one side of the washer-disinfector with open type doors for easy access.

High-efficient hot-wind drying system

Two-stage drying system with sieve-style air inlet dramatically improves the drying result and efficiency. It also solves the drying problems caused by temperature changes.

Diversified carrying system

For your convenience, we offer manual carry-trolley and auto washing racks to increase efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Technical parameters

Overall dimension (L×W×H) Double-chamber: 1940×1165×2250Triple-chamber: 2886×1165×2250

Four-chamber: 3980×1165×2250

Single chamber net weight 500Kg
Structure type Vertical
Heating type Water: steam-heatingAir: steam-heating and electric heating
Water consumption 30L/step/chamber
Water outlet 2” internal thread
Air outlet φ63.5mm/drying chamberφ125mm
Water temperature 93℃


Working conditions
Water supply (softened/pure water) connector 1/2’’
Water supply pressure 0.2~0.5Mpa
Water flow 60L/min
Steam pressure 0.3~0.5Mpa


Water quality
Softened water 4-7°d
Pure water Conductivity≤15μs (25℃)
1°d=10mg/CaO=17.8mg/L CaCO3 Washing/rinse water: softened or pure water.

Final rinse and disinfection water must be pure water.


Power supply
Double-chamber 380VAC,50Hz,17KW
Triple-chamber 380VAC,50Hz,20KW
Four-chamber 380VAC,50Hz,25KW


Working condition
Temperature 5~40℃
Relative humidity No more than 80% in 20℃

Multiple washing accessories to meet your requirements

Four-layer/five-layer washing racks

This is mainly used for washing of instruments in baskets or trays.

Note: We do not recommend that use this rack for washing of medical dishes or dressing bowls.

Medical dishes/bowls washing rack

This is used for washing of dressing bowls and kidney dishes.

Glassware washing racks

This is used for washing of glassware.

Note: Please send us the size of glassware items that need to be washed when ordering the rack.

Anesthesia/corrugated tube washing rack

This is used for washing of anesthesia/corrugated tube or face mask.

We also offer customized washing racks according to your requirements.

Other accessories

To make our product more automatic and beneficial, we also offer a rack transporter which could be automatically connected with the washer-disinfector, rack storage table, rack transfer track and other accessories.

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