Main features

MOON-YGZ-1600 series drying cabinet is a large capacity medical drying unit designed according to the market requirements to fulfill the needs for the drying of surgical instruments, glassware and respiratory therapeutic items, lumen etc. The unit is easy to operate, the range for the drying temperature and time is 40℃~90℃ and 1~99 minutes (adjustable) respectively. It is user friendly and can be set up easily to your needs. Two models are available with options for single-door or double-door types.

Due to the new air intake system these units can dry catheters, lumen, all types of tubes and hoses, masks and all types of instruments. There are many drying programs that are used for all different item types.

  • Application

Hospital CSSD, operating rooms and other departments in which items need to be dried.

  • Capacity

It can handle large amounts of items for drying including surgical instruments, anesthesia or respiratory items.

  • Control system

The microprocessor control comes with LCD screen with 10 programs. Parameters are easily adjustable to your needs.

  • Materials

The chamber is of top-quality 304 stainless steel with a thermal insulation jacket to avoid heat loss. The door has a modern design with a glass window for monitoring the inside during a working cycle.

Technical parameters

Standard configuration for each drying cabinet


Items Quantity Note
Host 1 304 stainless steel with double-glazing door
Rack 9 stainless steel
DIN standard instrument tray 9 stainless steel
Pipe support 2 stainless steel
Water collector 1 stainless steel

Accommodates: 9 DIN standard instrument trays

Catheter and humidification bottle support

Din Baskets


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