MODEL: MO-MOON-RIDER-50/60 series




MO-Moon-Rider Endoscope Washer Disinfector

The Moon Rider endoscope washers disinfector is fully automatic and is developed according to the ISO 15883-4 standard.

It works with various kinds of disinfectants such as: Glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, phthalic dicarboxaldehyde, chlorine dioxide, acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water.

Endoscope protection design

– Leaking test function

The leaking test will finish before the endoscope comes into contact with the liquid and will also keep on testing during the operation. The system gives out visual and audible signals and will terminate the operation as soon as the leaking value exceeds the set value.

– Blocking test function

The blocking test will start before the endoscope comes into contact with the liquid. The system gives out visual and audible signals and will terminate the operation as soon as the pipe is found to be blocked.

– Self-disinfection function

The self-disinfection program can be started during maintenance or after the termination of the operation cycle. This function is designed to disinfect the wash-disinfection tank (includes 0.2μm filter) and the internal pipelines.

– Leak Test Cycle (process)

Washing, Enzyme Washing, Rinse, Disinfection 5 minutes, sterile water rinse and drying

– Fast wash and disinfection

An endoscope can be wash-disinfected within 15minutes by the Moon Rider which dramatically improves the endoscope turnover efficiency.

Moon Rider 60 Series

– Process traceability system

– Process data printing

For filing purposes the printer will print out all of the processed data in timely intervals during the operation.

– Process data management

The system collects the information of endoscope and the operator and then connects the process data with the computer management system to achieve synchronization and management of patient and the disinfection information.

Operator information is recorded

Endoscope information is recorded

100% wash-disinfection

– Wash-disinfection

The tank is equipped with a rotating nozzle and spray arm to wash the outer surface of the endoscope and in the meanwhile the circulating water flow keeps flushing the endoscope from the inside.

– Endoscope pressure booster pump

This is used for washing of the intricate small pipes for the air/water injection nozzles, to reduce the formation probability of bacteria and biofilm.

– Sterile water rinse

To avoid secondary contamination caused by unsanitary water, the endoscope will be rinsed by sterile filtered water through 0.2μm filter after disinfection.

– Drying function

It is used for drying the inner and outer surface of endoscope. Moon Rider equipped with air drying and alcohol drying for the user to select.

Perfect medical workers protection

– Automatic door with foot switch

The automatic visual glass door is adopted for observing the operation inside the tank during the cycle. The door can be opened by gently kicking the foot switch.

– Totally-enclosed

Moon Rider wash-disinfection tank is a totally-enclosed structure to avoid chemical odor leakage and to protect the operators and medical workers.

– Automatic Chemical injection

Medical staff operators only need to link the chemical container with the tank through a connector to avoid any harm that could be caused from manual chemical pouring.

MO-MOON-RIDER-50/60 series



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