Medical Equipment – All items

    Complete CSSD – Autoclaves - Sterilization High Temperature Steam – Low Temperature – Plasma and Washer Disinfectors

    Medical and Bio hazardous Waste Solution


    Dental Equipment – All items

    Complete Sterilization – Table Top Autoclaves, Washer Disinfectors, Ultrasonic, Sealing machines, Tracking System – other accessories

    Consumables – Burs, Hand pieces, Disinfectants


    Laboratory Equipment – All items

    Complete Sterilization – Table Top Autoclaves, Vertical Top Loading Autoclaves and Washer Disinfectors

    Consumables – Disinfectants


    Radiology Equipment – All Items

    Complete Turnkey Projects

    Radiation Protection Equipment

    Consumables – Film, Contrast, Radiology gels

New Products Coming Soon!!


  • Dental Radiology and digital imaging

    The exclusive three-in-one system uses the most advanced, innovative technology available on the market.

    3D-PAN Multilayer
    3D-PAN Multilayer – CEPH Single Shot

  • Intraoral sensor

    Obtain lasting, precise, striking images with the exclusive intraoral sensor with technology CMOS ready to help you simplify your work.

  • Intraoral X-ray unit

    The X-ray unit that is easy to handle, affordable, long-lasting and ultra-flexible.

  • New patented Disinfectant Spray system

    Patented Steam mixed with disinfectant killing bacteria and viruses. Being tested in Ebola areas. Can do 9600m² in eight hours

  • Dental Hand Piece

    Plastic Hand piece - The ultimate in performance comfort with a weight of 37grams. Also autoclavable

  • Sterilization Tracking System

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  • Automatic shoe cover dispensing machine

    This is a fully automatic shoe covering machine.

    Especially developed for entry into sterile CSSD departments or other sterile areas.

    This product has now become a must in areas where there are Ebola viruses. It can be used by anyone going to or from contaminated areas.